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Aug 30, 2012 12:00pm EDT
there. >> reporter: it's a huge problem here in moss point. you just mentioned pascagoula. that's about five miles away from you talking on my mobile newsroom camera. moss point is where the -- one of the rivers coming in from inland is coming down into the neighborhoods. so this isn't tidal surge anymore. this is the secondary effects of all this with the flooding. the river is now bringing a huge amount of inland water. you just mentioned that 20 inches into towns like moss point, pascagoula, and i imagine on the alabama side over in mobile as well, although we seem to be right here in an area where the storms have been training. there have been a number of tornado warnings here as well. so half of this town of moss point is now under a mandatory evacuation order. the national guard is here and local firefighters are here with their larger trucks and boats. and they've gone in and got about 200 people so far since about 6:00 this morning. everybody felt the tropical storm come through. then it kept raining. then it rained some more. everybody thought it was okay. they wake up th
Aug 30, 2012 7:00am EDT
the ground as we speak in pascagoula, mississippi. there is a watch, i tornado watch, in effect for portions of louisiana, mississippi, and alabama. but a tornado on the ground. and we're going to give you some of that updated information as we receive it. but here is the latest regarding tropical storm isaac. it is moving a little faster now. that's good news. but that rain shield is primarily on that eastern quadrant of tropical storm isaac. but for new orleans, the rain is tapering off. you'll see longer gaps between those bands of moisture. but these bands of moisture are the same ones that have some of those embedded cells in them that have produced the tornadoes that have been reported this morning in mississippi. we had reports of damage coming out of some portions of mississippi. and right now, just a few minutes ago, we just received word out of pascagoula there was a tornado reported on the ground. some of the wind gusts reported, associated with tropical storm isaac, now new orleans. winds have been gusting in the past hour up to 40 miles an hour. slidell. the flooding em
Aug 30, 2012 7:00pm EDT
another. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in moss point, mississippi near pascagoula and nobody here thought a category 1 hurricane making landfall 160 miles way from here in another state would result in flooding like this. >> it's not a katrina. it's isaac. >> reporter: 20 inches of rain from a storm that simply will not leave. and now roberta turner's disabled mother betty is trapped. >> she has alzheimer's and i was really, really concerned about getting her out of there because i don't want nothing to happen to her. >> reporter: this was approximately the 200th rescue of the day. rescuers predict they'll be doing this for at least another 24 hours. >> areas that are flooded now, it's just going to get worse. >> we've been rolling all day. >> reporter: bewildered residents were brought to the town's public safety clothing, some still in bed clothes, others clutching pets. they remember loaded on school buses taken to a -- they were loaded on school buses taken to a high school on higher ground with no idea how much higher the water will get or when they can go back home. mississippi nati
Aug 30, 2012 6:00pm EDT
newsroom now touring moss point, mississippi, near pascagoula. as you can see behind me, there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of homes still surrounded by water or under water. look at some of the pictures earlier today we took from my car as rescue boats were moving throughout the area. there is mandatory evacuation order for large part of this town and parts of pascagoula, mississippi, as the rivers here keep rising. i went on a rescue with one of the firefighting units here. they used a boat to get in -- [ technical difficulties ] >> well, scott, it looks as though we're having some tough technological problems. that mobile newsroom is an amazing piece of 10, but like a lot of new 10 -- technology, but like a lot of new technology it is not perfect. >> meantime speaking of perfect, topper is in the weather center keeping an eye on the storm. >> it's a depression now but is it still has a lot of moisture with it. let me start with radar. location is still at the center about 35 miles west, north west of monroe, louisiana. its maximum winds are 35 miles per hour, but the heavy band
Aug 30, 2012 5:00pm EDT
pascagoula and thank goodness it finally quit raining. i so was glad to see the radar of this storm. pascagoula and this east side of the storm just caught huge amounts of rainfall, 20 inches of rain fell in this town and it has finally stopped. i'm telling you nobody here imagined that a category 1 hurricane coming ashore 160 miles away from here in another state would have created flooding like this. 20 inches of rain from a storm that simply will not leave. >> i was really concerned about getting her out of there because i don't want nothing to happen to her. >> reporter: this was approximately the 200th rescue of the day. rescuers predict they'll be doing this for at least another 24 hours. >> the areas that are flooded now will get worse. >> reporter: bewildered residents were brought to the town's public safety clothing, some still in bed clothes. they were loaded on school buses and taken to a high school on higher ground with no idea how much higher the water will get or when they can come back home. mississippi's national guard is here with trucks that can navigate the floo
Aug 31, 2012 4:00am PDT
pascagoula. but the biggest problem continues to be all of this water, taking the place of roads in neighborhoods swallowed by the storm. and in some areas, more could be on the way. >> now's the time to get your family and yourself out of harm's way. >> reporter: while others are going back to face the realization of just how little is left now. >> it's what you do when somebody needs help. you plan to help them. it's all neighbors helping neighbors. we've done this before. >> reporter: a harsh reality that still doesn't make this time any easier. jay gray, nbc news, new orleans. >>> well, now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. in philadelphia, a mysterious shooting was all caught on surveillance video. now, you can see there the victim running after a gunman opened fire. the shooter then gets out of the suv and then continues repeatedly firing at the man. the victim apparently escaped with just a graze. the police are searching for the gunman. >>> in arizona the skies near phoenix were clogged with yet another massive dust cloud in thursday eve
Aug 27, 2012 6:30pm EDT
closed up eight cents a gallon today. mark strassmann is in pascagoula mississippi. mark? >> reporter: scott, this is chevron's largest domestic refinery, still up and running. and like many facilities in the gulf's refinery row, this is exposed to the northeast quadrant of isaac-- the most powerful and dangerous part of the storm. just the threat of this storm has already shut down 40% of u.s. crude. six of them have temporarily shut down due to isaac, cutting production by almost half, a drop of 1.3 million barrels per day. offshore, oil companies including chevron and b.p. have voluntarily evacuated employees from 346 of 596 platforms. together they produce nearly one quarter of all the oil americans use. louisiana, the louisiana offshore oil port known as loop stopped taking maritime deliveries of foreign crude. that's another million fewer barrels per day in the country's oil supply. isaac's timing could hardly be worse. other recent disasters have been pushing oil prices higher. like the explosion over the weekend at this venezuelan refinery-- the world's second lar
Aug 30, 2012 6:00am PDT
tornado watch as far east as montgomery, alabama. we had a tornado touchdown in pascagoula. no reports of damage. still the threat of tornadoes and a lot of rainfall. audubon park in new orleans picked up 19 inches of rain. power outages here in louisiana, about 680,000. we have three-quarters of a million customers without power. some may be without power for five or six days. the winds have died down. getting gusts of 40, 45 miles per hour and the water is up there because the wind is blowing on shore, rotating oornd the center which is a hundred miles northwest of new orleans. the silver lining now, as the rain ends here it moves up into where we have been talking about for months now, the serious drought cutting into the corn crop. heavy rains in arkansas, st. louis and along the i-70 corridor for labor day weekend. a silver lining but a lot of issues today. basically everything is still shut here in louisiana as far as schools and state offices. chuck, back to you. >> mike seidel in louisiana. that's the one silver lining. no people in arkansas have been looking for rain. hopefull
Aug 30, 2012 7:00am PDT
in pascagoula. >> thousands of people are being evacuated west of new orleans. >> when it is all said and done we will have water where we did not have water for katrina. >>justine: the mayor of new orleans will be giving a general update, latest efforts related isaac. we do expect him to talk about the amount of damage, injuries and the efforts being put under way to fix any problems as far as power outages. >>darya: some parents are finding out that their children are being forced to change teachers, class a and and in schools. >>darya: the school board president says the district is doing its best on predicting how many kids are going to show up. >> james holmes, the shooter accused of killing 12 and wounding others is expected in courts. it is not known if he will plead guilty by reason of insanity. >>darya: coming up, a major social media expansion in the south bay. back to school time means back to school germs. that's why lysol partners with schools to help teach healthy habits, habits you can reinforce by adding lysol wipes and no-touch hand soap to your back to school list. l
Aug 31, 2012 5:00am EDT
home from a tornado in pascagoula, mississippi. neighbors pulled debris off the couple. >>> new orleans appears to be spared from the wide spread damage. other parts of the gulf coast suffered. the city's levee system held up during isaac. nbc's danielle lee is there since before the storm arrived. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. i would say the most pressing situation right now is for the roughly 60,000 people who are evacuated near the lake because a dam is in danger of failing. right now state officials are trying to determine what is the best way to relieve the pressure to that dam and rally make that area safe again so that people can return to their homes. in other area, mass flooding when we're talking about areas like slidell and the parish, thousands of people are in shelters because they have lost their homes. the sad news is we learned two people died because of that flooding. now the clean-up is under way. we're talking about more than $24 million in damage just in this state. this is in no way a small process. people here in new orleans, even though th
Aug 27, 2012 2:00am PDT
line towards new orleans, but that margin of error goes all the way to study pascagoula or mobile bay, and certainly all the way to lake charles, louisiana, as well, the timing of which will be tuesday night into wednesday morning. one notable change in this advisory is the strength. because it hasn't really organized very quickly, right now we're anticipating, forecasting, and certainly hoping that the catego strength remains a category 1. we'll have to wait and see on that. there are your watches and warnings. the watches have been extended off to the west. we are right now set up shop at the 17th street canal, one of two canals where the levees broke after hurricane katrina came through back in 2005. the army corps of engineers have done a lot of work since then. you remember the desperate effort of helicopters dropping sandbags, trying to plug the hole at the 17th street canal and also the industrial canal. both of these areas have been shored up with both flood walls and elaborate pumping systems, and they're confident that, certainly, a category 1 storm will be no problem, c
FOX Business
Aug 30, 2012 1:00pm EDT
pascagoula, it has been back on line running at reduced rates. it is good news but there are still worries on the gas market. heating oil is really building on gasoline today because of the focus on gas in the short term. back to you. lori: phil, covered a lot of ground for us. phil flynn. >> thank you. lori: from commodities to stocks. let's check the markets. lauren simonetti on the floor of the nyse, keeping track of analyst calls. >> let's talk about calpine a power producer similar to excelon. it is big in geothermal as well as the nat-gas space. shares are up, 2%, more than to $17. they got upgrade from barclays to overweight from equal weight. price target of 21. that is news there. angie's list had a huge day yesterday, up 13%. giving some back today. angie's list down fivers and change and down 36% this year. the reason behind they got a downgrade to hold at canaccord. the analyst pushing out his profitability target for ainge gist list to -- angie's list to 2015. they will have to get more marketing to get people to the review website. nicole: lauren, thanks. up next we l
FOX News
Aug 30, 2012 10:00am PDT
tornado watch in effect until 4:00 p.m. the bands west of mobile and again around pascagoula. we'll see that around the norms area again. a little bit later. moving towards the north, heavy rain is falling mere. louisiana-mississippi border there is a lake in there that is now a big concern that that dam is going to breach and break so they are evacuating. up to 50,000 people that are down below this in case that break does happen. the storm will move upwards north at a quicker break. much of arkansas the threat for heavy rain and severe weather. a big bull's-eye of 4-8 inches of rain across parts of iowa, illinois and indiana. a lot of this area obviously is under so much drought so the rain is good but they will get so much so quickly we'll have flooding threats far inland from where isaac came onshore. megyn: rick, thank you. what he says hours from now will influence an election that could affect generations of americans to come. as we await governor romney's acceptance speech. some are drawing parallels between his path and the one president ray began followed in 1980. three of
FOX Business
Aug 29, 2012 11:00am EDT
, evacuated all workers due to hurricane isaac. but chevron says its refinery in pa pascagoula mississippi continues to operate and they'll go to the platforms when it's safe to do so. and look at chevron down a teeniest bit and wobbles. and due to isaac, phil flynn is live at the cme, whether it's going to last. cheryl: and the markets are waiting to hear from ben bernanke, there's a big speech coming friday at jackson hole, wyoming and tom porcelli is going to tell whether the fed is going to hint at more stimulus. we'll wait and see. dennis: and take a look at some winners and losers. am lauren simonetti on the floor of the stock exchange looking at some retail stocks. big winners. the popular men's store it legal right close to here at the new york stock exchange that traders like to go to bed it is surging 17% today. same-store sales between now and next year. internet and cadillac sales and point out j.c. penney also. this is one of the top performers on the s&p 500 in addition to seers and family dollar doing really well today and the reason is they unveiled a store with
Aug 30, 2012 3:00am PDT
life threatening weather continues. pascagoula has a tornado in town. the threat of tornadoes will be the big threat to lives today. in slidell it was reported that the railroad track levee was breached. that's not the case. the water is coming over the top of it and it's overwhelming the pumps there. there is so much water the pumps can't keep up. we are seeing flooding in slidell. two to four feet of water. evacuations are undergoing. there is breaking news of the storm 36 hours after it made landfall. you can see here the threat of tornados will be in mississippi and alabama today. we have bands coming in off the water. those are the ones causing the threat for tornadoes through the afternoon. rainfall totals, as expected, very impressive. ten inches in gulf port. nine inches in slidell and nine in new orleans. numerous flash flood warnings throughout the region. the rain will nd in the coming days but the threat will be from tornadoes as we go throughout the morning and afternoon. back to you. >> all right, bill. thank you very much. dan bartlett, thank you. >> thank you, dan. gre
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)